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Re: Question on starting Velbus and Openremote
The clue is in the console output you have provided; address is already in use, do you have something else using port 8688 on your machine? On Tuesday, January 17, 2017 at 4:38:50 PM UTC, Richard van der Wulp wrote: > > Hello > > I have a question about the first connection between Velbus en
Question on starting Velbus and Openremote
Hello Richard, Welcome to the world of OpenRemote with Velbus :-) Please excuse the short answer, I'm supposed to be heading to a party, I'll reply again. To get you going.. I don't think the online test function will ever be able to simulate your own Velbus network, so an Okay is the best
Question on starting Velbus and Openremote
Hello I have a question about the first connection between Velbus en Openremote. In short:I can not connect from an app to the openremote controller. Or I can not start the openremote controllor. What to do? Long version: Since 2 years I have a working Velbus system. I have a VMBRSUSB and a
Re: iTunes AirPlay via powershell
Hello, I think it's not possible for now :-( No way to control airplay device using itunes and powershell but .... I use a workaround Settings are store in %roamingFolder%\Apple Computer\Prefrences\ByHost I make the configuration I want for the speaker and then exit itunes I copy the preferences
Re: DIN rail cabinet mounted Single Board computer solution for OpenRemote
Good morning Steven, I'm sorry you haven't had any luck getting a Velbus server up and running on your RaspberryPi, I was rather hoping it would work for you. Did you try the VelServ application that is mentioned in that post you saw on the Vellerman forum? If you'd like one of the ready
Re: Request for help with: Zwave.log shows node but dev.log state node is not known
I'm currently working on a bugfix and let let you know when a new version is available.
Re: Zwave door sensor
thanks! greatly appreciate the quick responses on this forum. I will try adding the association configuration in the node file as you have pointed out and test it out. I am already using the 3.1.2 Beta 1 version of the zwave file. Out of curiosity, is there anything special or different about
Panel resolution issue
Hello, I used to have a panel with 320 x 480 resolution. Once an update to the iOS app appeared I created a new panel with a custom resolution (640 x 1136), so it could match the resolution of my iPhone 5; foolishly, I also deleted the old panel. The problem is that, on my iPhone 5, I only see
Re: Zwave door sensor
Configuring a security enabled battery powered device works only if you use the currently most up to date Z-Wave version : Z-Wave 3.2.1 Beta 1 (*REPLACE* zwave.jar in the folder /webapps/controller/WEB-INF/lib)
Re: Zwave door sensor
The file node8.xml looks good so far that means the device has been successfully included and (secure) communication with the device works very well. Currently the sensor device doesn't know where to send the status update because a Z-Wave association from the device to the controller is
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