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OpenRemote Box

The OpenRemote Box (ORB) is a moniker to describe our product offering. In reality, an ORB is made of several OpenRemote projects. It includes hardware, controller software, panel software and integration software.

You can assemble you own OpenRemote Box by following our step-by-step instructions on a variety of hardware. OpenRemote will also market pre-assembled and supported boxes for professional installers. We ensure the software, operating system, drivers and hardware are correctly configured, tested and validated with our reference implementation.

Follow the links below for more details of the various software projects we are working on and the hardware we've built or tested for deploying an OpenRemote Box.

OpenRemote Software

Software Overview
Beehive Database
Controller Software
Infrared Integration
X10 Integration

OpenRemote Hardware

Hardware Overview
Infrared Hardware
X10 Hardware
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